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Ayi 4x4x3
Ayi's Fully-Functional 4x4x3 is a very fun and challenging puzzle.  This puzzle comes equipp..
Ayi 4x4x5
This is the Ayi 4x4x5. This 4x4x5 is a very fun puzzle to solve with smooth rotation and is very ..
Ayi 5x5x4
This is the Ayi 5x5x4. This 5x5x4 is a very fun puzzle to solve with smooth rotation and is very ..
Calvin's 3x3x4 Cuboid
This is the Calvin's Puzzle 3x3x4 Cuboid.  This puzzle has smooth rotations with a slightly ..
Calvin's Square-1
  This is Calvin's Square-1. This brand of Square-1 is known for it's high quality desig..
Calvin's Square-2
This is Calvin's Square-2. This brand of Square-2 is known for it's high quality design that perm..
DaYan Dino Skewb
This skewb is a very unique puzzle. Half of the axes turn like a master skewb and the other half ..
DaYan Megaminx
This is the DaYan Megaminx. This megaminx has a very sturdy structure and rotates very smoothly. ..
DaYan Megaminx (Corner Ridges)
This is the DaYan Megaminx (Corner Ridges). This megaminx has a very sturdy structure and rotates..
DaYan Pyraminx
The DaYan Pyraminx is DaYan's first pyraminx to ever be produced!  This pyraminx has a "bubb..
DianSheng Axis
This is the DianSheng Axis. This puzzle has very smooth rotation and glides with ease.  ..
DianSheng Diamond Tank (UFO)
This is the DianSheng Diamond Tank (UFO). The Diamond Tank is a fun, interesting puzzle that keep..
DianSheng Round 3x3x3
This is the DianSheng Round 3x3x3. The Round 3x3x3 is a fun puzzle that provides a challenge. Lay..
Ghost Hand Master Magic
This is the Ghost Hand Master Magic. This master magic is very high quality and is durable. W..
GuoJia Square-1
The GuoJia Square-1 is a good quality square-1 with smooth rotations and nice sticker shades. ..
HeShu 18cm World's Largest 3x3x3
This 3x3x3 by HeShu measures in 18cm and is currently the World's Largest production cube!  ..
LanLan Diamond
This is the LanLan Diamond. The LanLan Diamond is a fun puzzle that is based off of a 3x3x3 cube...
LanLan Edges-Only Void Cube
This is the LanLan Edges-Only Void Cube. This puzzle is made of high-quality materials to provide..
LanLan Master Skewb
The Master Skewb is a more advanced version of the original Skewb. What You Get: -1 LanLa..
LanLan Mastermorphix
A popular, compact, and smooth rotating puzzle.  The mastermorphix comes equipped with durab..

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