Karl's Cube Corner revival #2!


Welcome back to Karl's Cube Corner! Unfortunately I don't have a review for you today - I just want to explain what's been going on and the future of KCC.

Oh, yikes. I didn't mean to make that sound so foreboding. Let's get something clear from the beginning: I don't intend to stop writing reviews, and can't see myself stopping for a long time. All things must come to an end, but that end is far away.

I started writing reviews while I was relatively stress-free in the senior year of high school. I had a lot of free time every night to test and write, and what's more, I had all the space I wanted to build myself a set and an area dedicated to cube storage and management. As it turns out, more than I realized, all of that time was incredibly important since it takes me about a week to even get through the testing phase of each cube, and add in a couple days for internal analysis and writing and we're looking at 2 weeks per review.

As I graduated and entered college, however, there were some pretty big changes both to my space and my schedule: I moved into a cramped college dorm, and suddenly found myself with a loaded schedule and almost no way I could keep it up. There goes that first 7-month break.

This past January I felt optimistic that I could approach it differently to keep up a weekly release schedule - turns out that was incredibly unrealistic. I almost immediately fell back to not writing at all.

Another 5-month break. Oops.

So, what comes next? Well, I'm out of college for the summer again, and there have been a few cubes I really do want to get caught up on. You'll likely see a pretty steady stream of reviews for the next couple months, as well as between December and January when I'm out of college again. As for during the school year, I'd love to keep writing as much as I could but I do have to be realistic; as such, maybe optimistically I'll do one review per month. More likely, though, I'll only do a review during that time if there's an important release that demands my attention.

So there it is. That's my plan for this going forward. We'll see how well I can hold myself to it, but this time the goal should be a bit more realistic than "1 review per week on a busy college schedule".

Coming up for this summer, there have been a good number of releases in my time off! Pretty soon I'm planning to review:

  • YJ MGC (Probably coming first)
  • YuXin Huanglong (and Huanglong M) 3x3
  • GAN 460M
  • X-man Shadow (and Shadow M)
  • Aoshi GTS
  • Ultrabudgets 2018
  • Maybe a megaminx or two, though I'm not at all qualified

This is a lot of cubes, of course, so we'll see how many I get through. Some of these are shaping up to be pretty exciting already!

Stay tuned!

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