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MoYu WeiShi 6x6x6 review 0

For the past couple of weeks we've been in a new wave of newer, better big cubes as cube companies update their lineup. This is the MoYu WeiShi, a new 6x6x6 from MoYu designed to succeed the AoShi. How well does it live up to that task?

  • Karl Zhao

Cong's Design Meichen Skewb review 3

This one's been coming for a while, hasn't it? The Cong's Design Meichen was a pretty anticipated Skewb teased months ago. We hadn't heard much about it since, until it was dropped on us a few weeks back. Let's see if it lives up to the hype, shall we?
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MoFang JiaoShi MF5S 5x5x5 review 3

MoYu's been adding a lot of subbrands lately, but as of now the only one that seems to be trying to come out with a full lineup is MoFang JiaoShi, or Cubing Classroom. As we remember from our budget 3x3x3 roundup, MoFang JiaoShi's first attempt at a 3x3x3 was a strong refresh of the venerable GuanLong and stacked up well to current competitors on the market, even if it didn't definitively beat them. So how good is their attempt at a 5x5? Let's find out.

  • Karl Zhao

QiYi WuShuang 5x5x5 review 1

To set a baselineĀ for some big-cube reviews that might come up soon, I'm going to take a small step back and look at a cube that was released not too long ago. This is the QiYi WuShuang, everyone.

  • Karl Zhao

Cyclone Boys FeiChi 3x3x3 review 0

That worn logo. Clearly this cube has seen a lot of use.

Today we get into our first full 3x3x3 review! Since most of the big new releases have already been covered, we're going to be taking a look at a new release that so far has not received much attention at all: the Cyclone Boys FeiChi. Does this cube deserve more exposure than it gets?

  • Karl Zhao

Battle of the Budget 3x3x3s 1

I have thought about rounding up the four ultrabudget cubes before, but it never seemed fair because in my opinion the Guanlong, despite being the first of the bunch, just wasn't quite on the same level as the other three. With the recent release of the MoFang JiaoShi MF3, this is the perfect time to do a roundup!
  • Karl Zhao