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QiYi WuShuang 5x5x5 review 1

To set a baseline for some big-cube reviews that might come up soon, I'm going to take a small step back and look at a cube that was released not too long ago. This is the QiYi WuShuang, everyone.

  • Karl Zhao

Cyclone Boys FeiChi 3x3x3 review 1

That worn logo. Clearly this cube has seen a lot of use.

Today we get into our first full 3x3x3 review! Since most of the big new releases have already been covered, we're going to be taking a look at a new release that so far has not received much attention at all: the Cyclone Boys FeiChi. Does this cube deserve more exposure than it gets?

  • Karl Zhao

Battle of the Budget 3x3x3s 1

I have thought about rounding up the four ultrabudget cubes before, but it never seemed fair because in my opinion the Guanlong, despite being the first of the bunch, just wasn't quite on the same level as the other three. With the recent release of the MoFang JiaoShi MF3, this is the perfect time to do a roundup!
  • Karl Zhao

WeiLong GTS Dual Adjustment Kit Overview and Tutorial 1

Ever since Moyu shared that picture of what was initially (mistakenly) labeled the WeiLong GTS 2, and was in fact the Dual Adjustment Kit, there's been a lot of speculation on what it is and what it does. Now, it's finally here, and we get a chance to take a look at it!

  • Karl Zhao

MoYu WeiLong Square-1 review 2


Welcome to the first review of the new blog! Parallel to the way I started my older blog, this new one will be started not with a 3x3, but a new Square-1. Today we're looking at the MoYu WeiLong Square-1, an anticipated arrival and possibly the first real competitor to the QiYi.

  • Karl Zhao

Welcome! 1

Welcome to Karl's Cube Corner, everyone!

You may know me as the writer for my old blog, KZ's Cube Review, focused on cube reviews and a few other things. SpeedCubeShop and I have partnered up to bring you this new blog, integrated right into SpeedCubeShop! 

With this new page, we hope to do the same thing as my old blog did: bring detailed, in-depth reviews to you guys to keep you informed, help you make choices, and hopefully entertain you guys a bit as well. This time, my reviews and your favorite cube store are all in one place :)

I'm going to have a lot of content coming soon - even though the new MoYu 3x3x3 trio has been finished on my old blog, we're not at all short on new releases. The WeiLong Square-1 is just starting to gain momentum as a new contender in the Square-1 market, and I'm excited to take a look at the new Cong's Design Skewb, the MeiChen. Who knows, maybe I'll get the opportunity to take a look at some new QiYi or ShengShou puzzles as well.

I couldn't be more excited to start working with SpeedCubeShop, and improving and expanding my content for everyone! May this post mark the start of something great!

  • Karl Zhao
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