GAN 11 M Pro 3x3


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GAN 11 M Pro 3x3 is GAN cube's 2020 flagship model and has continued to be the choice of many speedcubers since its release.

The great thing about the GAN 11 M Pro is that it is great for any cuber, beginner or advanced since the overall feel can be adjusted to your exact preferences as your times continue to decrease rather than purchasing new speedcubes.

Exterior finishes

 UV Soft Frosted
Texture High gloss finish Silicone finish similar to that of a phone case Smooth
Grip High Low Medium
Internal color Primary only Primary only Primary or Black

Key features

  • Adjustable magnet strength
  • Dual-adjustment core for independent spring compression & tension
  • Corner/core magnet positioning system
  • Interchangeable corner/core magnets


  • Easy to customize
  • 4 tension settings
  • 6 spring compression settings
  • 3 magnet strength settings
  • Honeycomb piece design for smoother turning
  • Magnetic core

Accessories included

  • Storage bag ($3 values)
  • Premium case
  • Adjustment tools
  • Alternative strength magnets


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