MoreTry TianMa X3 3x3 Magnetic (4 Versions)

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$ 14.95
Damage Protection No
Lubrication Service
Exterior Coating
Add Ons None
Comet Lubricant
Cosmos Lubricant

MoreTry TianMa X3 Series is the first release from this new manufacturer!

Version comparison
  Single Double Triple Super
Weight 73g 75g 78g 83g
Magnet system Standard Double Half-travel MagLev
Number of magnets 48 96 120 132
Tension system Spring Spring
Auto-alignment angle 10 degrees 20 degrees 45 degrees 45 degrees
Internal color (transparent components) Orange Purple Blue Cyan 
Key features
  • Dual-adjustment core for independent spring compression & tension
  • Auto-alignment system
  • Easy to customize
  • 9 spring compression settings
  • "Fishscale" piece design for smoother turning
Accessories included
  • Screwdriver
  • CFOP guide
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Cleaning "tack" (Super Magnetic version only)



Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Evan P.
Good cube, fragile, not sure if it’s worth it for the price

Overall this cube is a very good cube and I can easily do a double turn with a small flick. There is amazing corner cutting, and the magnets make it feel great and almost like you’re doing nothing, however, the cube is a bit fragile. I dropped my cube once from not very high up and split the 2 of the pieces into parts(the edges in two and the corners in three) where the magnets then fell and were a pain in the **** to put back in. I’ve dropped it twice and had to fix it twice. And for how much money it was they have to be making at least a 100% profit, as the materials are meh and the shipping shouldn’t be too bad. The design is great on the inside and seems well thought out to better corner cutting. But alas it doesn’t cut it for the price and the pain of putting the magnets back in, I don’t know how to illustrate it, but putting them back together takes at least 30 minutes. However good the cube is at turning and all that, the fact that the cube is so fragile and the price is going to have to make it 3/5 for me.


Arrived earlier than expected no damage during shipping and it works amazing would recommend to friends and family.

PVC Coated Double Magnetic

The box came a little hurt, but I think it's FedEx fault, however the cube was in a perfect state.
About the cube: great corner cutting (especially forward one), excellent grip feel, nice magnetic positioning, both stable and flexible.
I would have expected stronger magnets, but that's not really a problem.
Lovable combo with Galaxy lube.

My main for a year

This has been my main since I bought it a year ago. I got the Triple Magnet (Snap) version in black plastic because I use my own color scheme. It has a soft feel and is actually very quiet — even more so with lube. I use vortex on the springs, Angstrom Gravitas on the tracks and Mystic and DNM on the pieces. I’ve heard that people have had their magnets fall out but I’ve not had that problem once. Not one time. The magnets are a little strong but I don’t mind because it gives it a slightly tactile feel while still being soft. Overall it’s a great cube and I can’t wait for Moretry to release their next puzzle.

amazing but

the cub is amazing turns fast and has a unique feel buthe magnets on my were missing and falling out and shipping takes a long time

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