MsCUBE Ms3-V1 M 3x3


Price:$ 29.95
Internal Plastic Color
Plastic Color
Magnets: Factory Magnetized
mscube-ms3-v1-m-3x3 mscube-ms3-v1-m-3x3
Factory Magnetized
Version: Factory
Not lubricated or tensioned
$ 29.95
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Highly recommended! Lubrication of pieces & springs. Tensions set to reduce popping and improve stability.
Recommended Lubricant


The Ms3-V1 M 3x3 is the first release from the new brand, MsCUBE! If you are thinking to yourself that this looks a lot like a GAN cube then you would be correct! The designer of this cube is a former GAN cube designer and is trying something new!

The pieces have an interesting "spider-web" type design which results in a fast, crispy feel! The core is adjustable via a "dial" to compress the spring to your liking similar to the GES system that GAN offers.

This product is also available in an Enhanced version (click here) which features a dual magnetic edge/centerpiece design for a stronger magnetic feel.

Accessories: Bag, Stand, Hard Springs

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