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QiYi QiHeng S Megaminx Sculpted
The QiYi QiHeng S Megaminx is QiYi's first budget megaminx to feature a sculpted design. The sculpted ridges help you to grip the puzzle better to avoid locking up or losing control. Layer rotations are smooth and corner cutting is...
$ 7.95

Our Picks

GAN Megaminx Magnetic
GAN Megaminx Magnetic is a light weight, factory magnetic megaminx which utilizes GAN's popular GES spring system. This item comes with four different GES spring options which are easily interchangeable and offer a different feel. Same as other GAN cubes,...
$ 57.95
DaYan Megaminx Pro Magnetic (Standard)
DaYan Megaminx Pro Magnetic is a fantastic new upgrade with great new features! Key features Auto-alignment turning (~15 degrees) Magnetic core corner/core magnets for a better, more controllable turning feel 5 tension settings (no tool required) "Anti-stick" piece design "Dimple"...
$ 36.95
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