WitEden (2x2x4) Cuboid

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The WitEden 2x2x4 Cuboid is a new cuboid from WitEden! The turning is very smooth and the puzzle is fully proportional! 


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Customer Reviews

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Jim T.
WitEden 2x2x4 Cuboid

Excellent puzzle! As for ruggedness and smooth turning, not quite an A+. But a solid A! This is my second cuboid (started with 2x2x3). Wow, the shapeshifting feature is cool! The novelty still hasn't worn off yet! Looks very impressive to the non-cubing gawkers. Solving is not excessively difficult, once you figure it out. 2x2x2 solving knowledge is prerequisite. 2x2x3 knowledge might help too, but not mandatory. I can't wait for my next shapeshifter to arrive, the 3x3x5!

Fantastic Cuboid

If you're looking for a 2x2x4 cuboid, your options are really limited. There's the Rubik's 2x2x4 and this one. The Rubik's one isn't terrible but it's not good and it's very out-of-date. The Witeden 2x2x4 is superior in almost every way. It's bigger. It's more solid. It turns better. It doesn't lock up anywhere near as much. Another reviewer mentioned the two end layers being really loose - mine are not. They are perfect.

So, in what way is it NOT better than the Rubik's? The stickers. The shades are terrible, they're thin and not good quality. Still, they're just regular 2x2 stickers so buy your own and call it good.

Quinn T.
Fun puzzle

It's not very difficult, but the shape shifting is really fun. Turning is smooth, but when you hold the puzzle in "cube form" so it's longer vertically turn R, L, F or B and then turn the top or bottom layer if itLs not lined up just right it kind of pops. The puzzle doesn't fall apart, but it's disconcerting at first. All in all it's a great cuboid.


This is a really good quality cuboid that is fun to use. It's not as good as the Qiyi 2x2x3, but it also shape-shifts so it's pretty good considering that. It's a fun solve and I definitely reccomend this.

Mr. Q.
A nice update

I believe the last mass produced 2x2x4 was the Rubik's brand, which wasn't a very fun puzzle at all. This version uses a similar mechanism, but is superior in every way. There are only two issues. First, sticker quality is a bit lower than I would have liked. Shades are nice, but they're already peeling. Second, the top and bottom layers, by design, are VERY loose. They just loosely hook into the middle layers, so tightening up the tensions doesn't really help very much. Adding a bit of thick lube helps to gum things up just enough to make the puzzle controllable.

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