X-Man Galaxy V2 Megaminx (Sculpted)

Estimated to ship Jul 24 to Aug 02
$ 19.95
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The X-Man Galaxy Megaminx V2 (Sculpted) is the updated version of the world-famous X-Man Galaxy Megaminx (Sculpted). The V2 offers performance enhancements and a new, smaller size that is great for speedsolving and grip! Many speedcubers have already been setting new records with the V2 so why not be one of them?!

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Customer Reviews

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Keaton G.

Very good megaminx

Waken 2.
its a masterpiece

This cube is excellent


Really like it!

Very nice

This cube turns really well considering it's a weird shape with many pieces, it's a little slow though, so you need to put in a little effort or use/buy a fast lube. Overall this has good corner-cutting, a good grip from the ridges, and has a well-rounded feel. I think it isn't the best you could buy, considering it's 20 dollars and a little outdated, I would recommend checking the best-selling page and also speedcubestats.com to see what people main.

Kevin C.
Very good megaminx

This “puzzle” is very smooth, the colors are very nice, and its pretty fast, idk if its suppost to be this snall on all megaminx’s but thats the only downside for me, unless i got big hands, also when i got the puzzle it also came with some black pieces that need to be assembled, if anyone knows how to or what they are meant for please let me know, but overall a very nice puzzle i highly recommend if you want a smooth and fast puzzle

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Estimated to ship Jul 24 to Aug 02
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