X-Man Hong 5x5 Magnetic (Ball-Core UV Coated)

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X-Man Hong 5x5 Magnetic (Ball-Core UV Coated) packs a punch being the first mass-produced 5x5 to include a ball-core!

Ball-Core features
  • Magnetic core corner/core magnets for a better, more controllable turning feel
    • This is very important for big cubes with more layers
UV Coating
  • High gloss exterior finish, improved grip
Key features
  • Larger "gaps" for better corner-cutting
  • Widened outer layer for improved stability
  • Low friction piece design for smoother turning
  • Quick, smooth turning feel
  • Anti-pop mechanism
  • Anti-corner-twist mechanism
...

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Asher P.
Best 5x5

I would say the gan is the best but this is a way better price. I’ve only felt this 5x5 and one crappy one but I still know this is the best. Also now that I got this I can’t wait to get more big cubes they so fun to solve. My only regret is that I’m only solving for fun and not speed solving. But that’s on my part. If you are just casually solving but you still want a good cube just get the MGC if your a speed solver and moneys not a problem get this or the gan. Personally I like x-man over gan. For some reason I have something against gan. I think it’s because they are way over priced. I’m sure they have there reasons except I don’t think it should cost 10 extra $ for UV coating. Think about it MOYU sells their meilong v2 for 10$ WITH UV coating. The packing is also simple and satisfying to unbox. It’s somewhat like a gan which I’ll give them that anyways that’s all I have to say. Oh wait actuall y I forgot to mention that with a perfect set up lube can make this cube fell literally delicious to solve

Reed S.
perfect 5x5

amazing cube omg i have nothing bad to say about it. it has to be broken in a little bit out of the box, but after a couple solves it’s so incredibly smooth

Adam C.
this cube is amazing!!!

out of the box, it's really slow and sandy but after about 25 solves it feels great! in the past week since I've had it, I've done about 300 solves on it and it's amazing! I set it up with Stardust and Martian and now it's super fast and controllable. if you want a new main I highly recommend. I haven't tried the gan yet but I think this cube is probably just about as good and it's not 70 dollars lol


this was my first 5x5 and i am pretty much addicted to it

Mathew M.
Makes me like 5x5 again

IMO this cube is a massive leap forward in 5x5 hardware. Its a joy to turn and I cant put it down. Highly recommend.

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