X-Man Wingy V2 Skewb Magnetic

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X-Man Wingy V2 Skewb Magnetic is packed full of customization options that you do not see in other skewbs!

Key features
  • Adjustable magnet strengths (5 settings)
  • Adjustable spring compression (5 settings)
  • Adjustable tension (5 settings)
  • Easy-to-use customization system
  • Smooth, controllable turning
  • Snappy corner-cutting
Accessories included
  • Adjustment tool
...

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Excellent control and grip

This is an excellent skewb for intermediate solvers and above, however I do not recommend for beginner or casual solvers. The curved shape of this cube and semi-glossy plastic give it the best grip by-far of any skewb I've used, including the UV coated GAN skewb. however, this curved shape makes it very awkward for beginner finger tricks. This skewb should only be used by people who use polish finger tricks or similar finger tricks. The extra pointed corners will catch on your fingers if you use beginner skewb finger tricks. That being said, the speed and corner cutting is not as good as the GAN skewb enhanced UV or MoYu weilong MagLev, but the control, grip, and stability is much better. This skewb is also very quiet. It has that nice smooth X-Man cube feel, like in the ambition and tornado. This skewb, to me, is like a premium upgrade to the MoYu RS Skewb. It also look great! my favorite looking skewb. the colors are great, The white is the same as the MoYu and GAN white. The yellow, and orange is slightly more vibrant than the MoYu and GAN, the blue and red are slightly brighter than the GAN and Moyu. the green is a bit darker than the GAN and more vivid than the MoYu

This is not my main, I perform better on the GAN skewb enhanced UV. But I found that warming up on this skewb makes me more consistent on my GAN skewb. Instead this is the skewb I take out in public since it is quiet and a bit smaller

The photo shows it next to a GAN Skewb Enhanced UV, and a MoYu RS Skewb for size and plastic comparison.

Amazing cube

The cube has good grip, it turns great. overall it's amazing.

Lucas H.
One of the best skewbs on the market

One of the best skewbs on the market. The concave design helps with grip and with just a touch of lube, its performance is amazing. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to upgrade their skewb.

Best Skewb

This cube's turning is very smooth and the concave design helps with grip. Just as good as the GAN Skewb (Enhanced) for 2/3 of the price.


It’s an amazing cube especially with the concave design it has amazing grip and highly recommend

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