YJ MGC Square-1 Fully Magnetic

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The YJ MGC Square-1 is a very highly anticipated item and does not disappoint!

The MGC Square-1 feels lightweight, yet "planted" with the majority of the weight being focused in the center. The buttery smooth inner and outer layers are controlled by factory-installed moderate strength magnets.

For those who prefer a black side, you can easily install the included spare black pieces to change either the white or yellow side.

While we do recommend tightening the puzzle out of the box, the MGC Square-1 is a slam dunk and is certainly to be a rival for the best Square-1 on the market.

Included with purchase

( 1 ) Spare black pieces

( 1 ) Screwdriver

( 1 ) Solve guide


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Customer Reviews

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My main SQ1

This SQ1 is so fast! I modified mine to add maglev and it's the fastest puzzle I own. It was easy to swap the springs for magnets. The black caps look nice and contrast well to easily identify cases.

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Mike P.
Very Good Cube

No complaints. I'm just learning the Square-1 so this was my first one. Turns great, rarely catches and the magnets do a great job of aligning the pieces. Since this is my first Square-1 I have nothing to compare it to, but I was pleasantly surprised by how nice the cube felt in my hands. Very happy with my purchase.

Quinn M.
Great cube

Overall it's a wonderful cube for the price. Never used Square-1 before but this seems to catch sometimes making turns difficult but the magnets to align layers makes it even better.

Good but seems to break easily

Not sure why, but I've had ~3 times when it almost broke on me, I wasn't even going fast, it just kinda cornercutted a little, and POP an edge disconnected, I had to unscrew the whole thing just to put the piece back in place.

Besides that, the puzzle is probably the best sq1 u could get, the slashes are really clean and so are the magnets.


This cube is very nice but it has a few flaws,
it sometimes is very catchy and i cant make certain turns, when hen you try to take of the edge tiles they sometimes break into two pieces but there are still things to hold it in place so it is okay and finally this puzzle does not like lube at all because when i got it i tried to lube it but at the end of the day all of the lube was gone and it trapped a ton of dust inside but overall this puzzle is really great.

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