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The YJ Super Floppy is a 1x3x3 that is essentially one layer of a 3x3. While the floppy is generally easy to solve, the super floppy version can shape shift making the solve more difficult. The Super Floppy is a great gift idea for anyone!
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Brody B.
Bad item

Wrong color scheme, inner colors are also wrong, and inner edges are basically unsolvable if you shape shift


Moves bad but cool

Aiden J.
2 Ways to Solve

I enjoy this cube over other floppy cubes because of the extra challenge. If you scramble it with only double turns, then solve it with only double turns, that is one way to use it. The challenge I appreciate is the colored "center edge" pieces. When you do single turns, unlike a normal super floppy, these get noticeably scrambled. You then have to figure out how to solve these in addition to the outside pieces. These don't get scrambled (to my knowledge) when you scramble with double turns only, hence the title. My only complaint is that this cube is a bit stiff when turning (corners and edges rubbing against each other). If you are new to cubing and want an easy floppy cube to solve, this might not be the puzzle for you. That being said, all the algorithms are still purely intuitive.

Kinda good

The super floppy is the one cube I've wanted for a long time in my collection. When the package arrived I was super hyped, being it was in my first ever package, and when I turned it while solving, I noticed that the cube was easily pop-able. I'm honestly confused why the small, extra pieces were added. For all this, 3 stars.


Is an amazing cube but I would recommend that you tighten it as soon as you get it by pulling of the side caps be cause it pops into over 20 different parts.

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