YJ YuShi V2 6x6 Magnetic

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YJ YuShi V2 6x6 Magnetic makes getting into 6x6 easier than ever before! Pushing the limits of what a low-cost, magnetic 6x6 can do, the YuShi V2 does not disappoint.

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Customer Reviews

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very loose

fell apart instantly

Popping can happen if a cube is too loose, underlubed, if you try to corner cut too aggressively, or a combination of all three! If you reach out to our support, we are happy to find a solution for you.

Its aight

It's a decent 6x6. I got this back in 2023 for my first 6x6 and i enjoyed it! magnets weren't too strong nor too weak. Although this cube has 2 major problems.

1. You can't really turn the cube too fast such as the MGC 6x6 and it doesn't have amazing corner cutting . So if you want to be world-class in 6x6, i wouldn't recommend it. Although if you are new to 6x6 or aren't taking it too seriously then yeah its an amazing 6x6.

2. If the 6x6 pops or explodes it is INSANELY hard to put back. This is why back in 2023 when i disassembled it it took me over 2 days to even put it back and this is a major problem 'cause on big cubes pops happen way more often than on smaller cubes like a 4x4.

Decent 6x6

I would recommend this 6x6 only if you are not planning to take 6x6 seriously. I like the cube very much and it has decent turning, but if try to turn too fast even if you tighten it, it's still very prone to popping. With that aside still an amazing cube and is good for the price!

Good 6x6

Really good cube the plastic feels really nice

Eli J.N.
Good but needs set up

The cube out of the box works fine. Although a bit tight, it can be loosened to work as it should be, alongside some Stardust cosmic lube. Definitely the best budget 6x6.

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