YJ ZhiSu Mini (56mm) 4x4 Magnetic

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YJ ZhiSu Mini (56mm) 4x4 Magnetic is the industry's first mini 4x4 that actually performs well! The ZhiSu is incredibly impressive and feels just like a mini MGC 4x4. The factory-installed magnets feel great and are the same moderate strength throughout the inner and outer layers and the corner cutting is incredible at almost 45 degrees which is substantially more than a standard 4x4.

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Customer Reviews

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Carson G.
Amazing Cube!

Im OBSESSED with the size. I love mini cubes and this one is perfect. It feels great, is at a great price, and the size is perfect for me. Definitely suggest this cube.

David H.
Good, however

Good cube, however it is very, very poppy. There is a very clear ceiling to how well one can turn on this cube, and for that reason I would generally not recommend getting this one. However, it is a good budget cube, and if you have small hands like mine, that could also be a good reason to get it.

This cube is pretty loose out of the box. If you tighten up the screws and apply some lubricant, that should resolve any popping issues :)

Michelle I.
Love this little cube

I love this cube, the cube came loose, so I tighten it up. This cube it so good I can’t fault it. Mini 4x4 next to my v-cube, show the different in sizes. This is my new main 4x4 I am always playing with it :-)

Akoy G.
Decent but kinda poppy

It works pretty well but it gets poppy and a bit locky

Michelle I.
Love it

Lovely little cube, the out magnets are lighter then the center magnets, still lovely cube,

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