JPerm MGC 2x2 Magnetic

Estimated to ship Jun 30 to Jul 09
$ 26.49
Damage Protection No
Exterior Coating
Add Ons None
JPerm Cube Bag
Stardust Lubricant
Martian Lubricant

Love JPerm? Now you can get a replica of his main speed cube, the YJ MGC 2x2 Magnetic, and support the JPerm YouTube Channel at the same time!

Set up to JPerm's specifications, we use a combination of Martian and Stardust lubricant to dampen spring noise and increase turning speed while promoting a manageable, fast feel.

We contribute $5 to the JPerm channel for every cube sold.

Why does JPerm love this cube?

"Consistent turning is very important to me on 2x2, because just one mistake can cost you a good solve. I like the MGC 2x2 because it is the perfect mix of speed and stability." -JPerm

Key features
  • Exclusive JPerm branding
  • Dry, fast turning
  • Flexible, stable mechanism
  • Controllable
Accessories included
  • Springs
  • Washers
  • Magnets

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Pretty nice

I got this cube today and it was great out of box there was just a little lube on the outside and my average dropped 3 seconds but it does take a while to get use to it and to turn on it but besides that great cube highly recommended also it gets caught a little


sounds like a keyboard i love it, super small and fast


I made the mistake of twisting the anchor corner right before I went up for 2x2 at a comp. Luckily, my friend had this cube and let me use it for the solves and I loved it. I went home and bought this right away. It has been a great cube and I recommend to anyone wanting a good 2x2.

Advik B.

Nothing Bad to say except maybe the price. great corner cutting, smooth turning, not many lockups, hard to corner twist

Great cube

It is a great cube, but 3 of the magnets came loose, and still works great.

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Estimated to ship Jun 30 to Jul 09
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