QiYi 3x3 Gear Mini 57mm (Tiled)

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The QiYi 3x3 Gear Mini 57mm is an eye-catching puzzle to say the least! Equipped with plastic tiles and a sturdy mechanism, this puzzle is fun and challenging to solve!

60mm size available (click here)

35mm mini size now available (click here)

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Customer Reviews

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super fun

Super fun I have solved this to many times to count

Cool puzzle

This is my first gear puzzle and it's great. Has a beautiful sound and turns well. The gears catch sometimes tho and that's a little annoying but not bad at all!! It really is a fun cube and I've solved it twice 😀

Kolos B.

This puzzle turns really well and the gears have never skipped in my experience. It is fun to solve and I think is important to anyone's collection to have a gear cube. Overall it is pretty cheap and really good so i am be confident recommending it to anyone reading this. The only thing I don't like about it is that the red shade is really ugly, it is almost pink. Obviously that is not a big deal though and I'm still giving it five stars.

My first Gear Cube

The best way I can describe the turning is like cutting into a soft cheese cake if that makes any sense.

It feels amazing and looks awesome! I love the way the gear pieces move. I am very happy with my purchase and I might buy another one soon so I can have one safe at home and one to bring with me to show off.

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