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QiYi Clover Cube (Standard)

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The QiYi Clover Cube is a beautifully crafted shape-shifting puzzle. The clover cube not only looks great but it also move VERY well and feels very durable unlike some other intricate puzzles.

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Customer Reviews

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Love edge turners.

I really like this puzzle. It's not too hard so long as you are ok with coming up with ways to swap a few pieces around. It makes you think. If you are dipping your toe into non-WCA puzzles then this is a top pick. The turning is nice and I like the stickerless version especially since it comes with hidden pieces that I try to solve for. Super worth the price as it comes in a really cool display case.

Ryan Y.
Super Smooth, Challenging Puzzle

This puzzle is very fun, and it is really a challenge to try to solve. I haven't figured out a way to consistently solve the cube, although I was able to solve it once. This is a good challenge for someone who maybe has never tried an edge turning puzzle before. In the puzzle itself, the turning is super smooth, but it gets a little tiny bit locked up sonce in a while, but this is just due to the way that the puzzle turns. The bandaging with the jumbling moves also adds another fun factor to the solving of the cube, which is the main part of it that makes it difficult. Overall, this is a really fun and challenging puzzle with good turning quality.

Mitchell J.
Very good puzzle. Quality and

Very good puzzle. Quality and turning is great.
Bought it to mod it soon.

Great puzzle

Solving this puzzle is very fun, especially once you learn that the pieces can actually jumble up and change from the regular puzzle. The colors on this puzzle are simply stunning and twisting this puzzle is smooth. Also it comes in a beautiful platic dome that is well protected in a sleeve when shipped. I would definetly recommend this cube to any collector.

Chase L.
Great cube

it's definently a really tough puzzle to solve and that's why its a great puzzle to mess around with

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