QiYi MP 4x4 Magnetic

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QiYi MP 4x4 Magnetic is part of QiYi's new mid-range series.

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  • Light, quick turning
  • Unique turning feel
  • Semi-gloss exterior finish
Accessories included
  • Hard-shell case
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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Nameer B.
It Didn't Meet My Expectations

The cube was a good 4x4, but not as good as I thought. It locked up a lot, and there was a cheaper 4x4 that is way better that this one, as I have used it before, and it is the YJ MGC 4x4 magnetic. That is all and I hope you make the right descision!


My son loves this cube!!

Jack M.
MY review

The cube was amazing controlable this is my first magnagtic cube it was afforable. I highly sugest getting this cube

A great cube if you're willing to break it in.

This is one of the best 4x4s on the market, and one of the only ones with black internals. It turns very quickly and smoothly if you break it in for a while. It also comes very tight, and you really need to loosen it and do many solves for it to break in and be a great cube.

Doesn't Feel Great Even for Casual Solving

This is my second 4x4 (first is YJ ZhiSu Mini). I had no major complaints with the ZhiSu, but was looking for a standard sized 4x4, preferably with black internals for aesthetics, and was looking for something different. I also already have and enjoy the YJ MGC 5x5 and 7x7, and while I knew the YJ MGC 4x4 comes highly recommended, I was looking for a different feel to add some variety to my collection. I saw some lukewarm reviews for this cube, but I didn't see many others with black internals and figured "how bad could it be"?

I'm not fast at solving 4x4, so I was looking moreso for something that looked nice and felt satisfying to turn. The colors are nice, and stand out with the black internals how I'd hoped. I think that's the best thing I have to say about it. For $10 more than the ZhiSu, turning feels much worse on this cube, and the sound/volume is comparable to my Rubik's brand 3x3 - pretty loud and low in tone. Not something I'd personally feel comfortable solving in a waiting room, for example. I've never gotten pops or similar issues with the ZhiSu, but within the first day, the colored faces on the QiYi MP would pop off from the internals during solves. An easy fix - but an annoying and unnecessary new problem.

I knowingly went against some reviews I had seen by getting this cube, and went into it with sort of low expectations and demands, and IMO it still comes up short - especially when compared to the ZhiSu (which is fantastic if you don't mind the size).

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