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QiYi QiMing Pyraminx (Jelly Edition)

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QiYi QiMing Pyraminx (Jelly Edition) is a "delicious" option when it comes to entry-level speedcubes! The QiMing Pyraminx has controlled, smooth turning and the translucent plastic will definitely stand out among your collection! This Jelly cube is so good you will want to eat it!

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Great Pyraminx!

This pyraminx is pretty good. Not too hefty to be bad to hold but not too light to slip from your grip. In certain lighting, the blue and green look similar so be prepared but otherwise it turns great and looks great on a desk or a shelf.

Fast cube…

This cube is fast. Looks wonderful. Spins fantastic. It does need lube but be careful as it’s going to spin even faster.

Glad I bought this Jelly Pyraminx. 👍

Finn t.c.c.g.
Great for the price! A steal!

This is going to be long and extremely thorough.
Buckle up :)
I am really satisfied with the product I received! The overall turning is smooth, but catches when doing fast algorithms. This only happens occasionally, so it isn’t a big issue because the rest of the cube is so good, but it’s important. The corner cutting is nice, takes a while to figure out the right angles that work though; but it was pretty easy after a few hours of so of practice. Its always a big hit at school, people trying to solve it, and just messing with it since it’s great for fidgeting! Also it’s very resilient which is good if you are clumsy and drop things, the plastic is high quality and has a good feeling finish. Although it is a bit hard to tell blue and green apart. The mini algorithm manual could have covered more cases for some of the later steps, especially the middle layer, but with a few extra tutorials easily found on YouTube and Google, it can be useful to refer back to for a specific case, as so I have found it great to take with me to school or “on the go.” But, as for my final thoughts, I think this is a fantastic entry level pyraminx for a steal of a price and a **** of a hit with friends, aspiring cubers, and your classmates. I couldn’t have asked for a better intro into the speedcubing world and would recommend this to any beginner or someone just looking for a new addition to their collection for a great budget price. Happy cubing!
~The cool cuber guy


Great turning , great for its price .

Great for the price

Looks good, feels good. It makes soft clicky sounds. Only issue is that it's a bit hard to distinguish between the blue and green sides sometimes, I'd say that if you're colourblind you might want to skip this one.

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