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MoFang JiaoShi MeiLong Kilominx
The MoFang JiaoShi MeiLong Kilominx (also known as kibiminx) is a 2x2 megaminx that is extremely fun to solve! The MoFang JiaoShi MeiLong version of this puzzle comes equipped with ridges to improve grip.
$ 8.95
ShengShou Kilominx (Standard)
The ShengShou Kilominx (Standard) is an extremely stable puzzle with smooth layer rotations. Try one out for yourself if you are a fan of minx puzzles! Add custom stickers
$ 10.95
QiYi Dino Cube (Standard)
The QiYi Dino Cube is an updated design of the widely known "Dino cube" twisty puzzle. The Dino cube turns from corner to corner and QiYi's version features extremely smooth turning and a stable mechanism. The "Stickerless (Bright)" variant comes...
$ 5.95
QiYi O2 Cube (2 Versions)
The QiYi O2 Cube is a great way to get into twisty puzzles or share the fun with a friend or family member! This puzzle is solved intuitively by moving the centers into the solved position and doubles as a...
$ 5.95
Fanxin 2x2 Megaminx (Kilominx)
The Fanxin 2x2 Megaminx is a more affordable option if you are looking to try out the 2x2 megaminx! As usual with Fanxin products, the color shades are vibrant and easy to distinguish. The layer rotations are moderately fast and...
$ 8.95
ShengShou Gigaminx (V1)
ShengShou's variation of the Gigaminx is groundbreaking! The ShengShou Gigaminx has very smooth layer rotations and is easy to use. Add custom stickers
$ 39.95
ShengShou Dino Cube
The ShengShou Dino Cube is a puzzle known around the world for being very fun! ShengShou's refresh of this puzzle is a great improvement featuring brighter stickers and smoother, more stable rotations.
$ 6.95
LanLan 2x2 Dodecahedron
The 2x2 Dodecahedron by LanLan is a very well built puzzle. Out of the box the layer rotations are swishy and smooth.
$ 7.95
MoYu Rainbow Ball (Mini)
The MoYu Rainbow Ball is a fun puzzle for all skill ranges to enjoy! The mini version has only 8 holes versus 20 on the normal size version making it easier to solve. The objective is to use the opening...
$ 4.99
Z Curvy Copter
Try out this smooth turning puzzle!  The curvy copter is loved among puzzle enthusiasts and is for a good reason!  Treat yourself to a fun puzzle to add to your collection.
$ 13.95
ShengShou (Master) Kilominx
The ShengShou Master Kilominx is a step up from the regular kilominx. The Master Kilominx is based off of a 4x4x4 cube which makes it more challenging and also more amazing to look at! The movements are smooth out of...
$ 39.95
Z Carbon Fiber 2x2 Megaminx
The Z Carbon Fiber 2x2 Megaminx is a beautifully crafted puzzle! This item functions the same as a traditional 2x2 Megaminx but looks 100x better if you ask us! 
$ 11.95
Z Maze Cube
Don't get lost in this maze! The Z Maze Cube is an engaging sticker mod that will leave you searching for the way out!
$ 5.95
Mini Deformed 3x3 Centrosphere Keychain
The Mini Deformed 3x3 Centrosphere Keychain features a unique design with different sized internal "cubies" that are solved by shape or color along with the 2x2 outer pieces. Now that this popular puzzle is available as a keychain, there is...
$ 3.95
Z Super Cube
Introducing the Z Super Cube! This classic sticker mod is now available for a SUPER low price! Can you complete this mind boggling challenge?
$ 5.95
ShengShou Teraminx
The ShengShou Teraminx is a very eye-catching puzzle and is great for puzzle enthusiasts and those looking for a challenge! This item moves very smoothly, has vibrant sticker shades, and is stable.
$ 75.95
Z Helicopter Cube
Z Helicopter Cube is a smooth turning puzzle as expected from Z-Cube. Take on a new challenge and try it out!
$ 12.95
DianSheng Case Cube
This 3x3 shape mod is a fun, challenging puzzle. The durability of this item is good and it moves smoothly.
$ 9.95
FangShi Deformed 3x3 Centrosphere
The FangShi Deformed 3x3 Centrosphere is a very fun and interesting puzzle to solve! The internal "cubies" are different sizes so when rotated, the pieces do not align perfectly. The movement of this item is very smooth and swishy which...
$ 13.95
DianSheng 2-Layer (Square-1)
The movement of this item is swift and feels very sturdy when solving.  
$ 5.95
DianSheng Blade Cube
The blade cube is a unique shape shifting puzzle that is a lot of fun to solve.
$ 11.95
DianSheng Shield Cube
The shield cube is a fun, shapeshifting puzzle with vibrant stickers and smooth rotations.
$ 10.95
ShengShou Phoenix Megaminx
The ShengShou Phoenix Megaminx is a 3-colored shape-mod that looks simple enough but can be quite the challenge! This jumbling, bandaged puzzle is a must for puzzle enthusiasts. Note: The plastic colors of your puzzle will vary and may not...
$ 9.95
LanLan Skewb Diamond
The LanLan Skewb Diamond is a fun puzzle that is based off of a 3x3x3 cube. Layer rotations are very smooth and sticker shades are vivid.
$ 9.95

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