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YJ MGC 6x6 Magnetic
YJ MGC 6x6 Magnetic is easily the best value 6x6 available today! Why we love it - Fast, smooth turning - Stable mechanism - Improved turning accuracy through the help of strong, factory-installed, magnets - Durable factory stickers (Black plastic...
$ 24.95
YJ YuShi V2 6x6 Magnetic
YJ YuShi V2 6x6 Magnetic makes getting into 6x6 easier than ever before! Pushing the limits of what a low-cost, magnetic 6x6 can do, the YuShi V2 does not disappoint.
$ 15.95
YuXin Little Magic 6x6
The YuXin Little Magic series is known for offering great performance for a fraction of the price. The Little Magic 6x6 follows suit and is an absolute bargain! The turning of this item is smooth and gets slightly slower from...
$ 14.95
QiYi QiFan S2 6x6
The QiYi QiFan S2 6x6 is an improved version of QiYi's budget 6x6! The QiFan S2 is exceptionally stable and the turning is very controllable which helps prevent overturning and headaches!
$ 13.95
DianSheng 6x6 Magnetic
DianSheng 6x6 Magnetic is a nice option for speedcubers who are looking for a more stable feel. Compared to other 6x6's in the same price range, DianSheng's model does exceptionally well at inspiring confidence with every turn while reducing the...
$ 19.95
X-Man Shadow V2 6x6 Magnetic
The X-Man Shadow V2 6x6 Magnetic is the new and improved version of the once ground-breaking, Shadow V1. This speed cube features fast turning throughout all of the layers along with moderate strength magnets to assist with turning accuracy and...
$ 44.95
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