Best Selling
LingAo Magic
This magic is very high quality and is durable. Included: -1 LingAo Magic
$ 7.95
Z Carbon Fiber Mirror Blocks
The Z Carbon Fiber Mirror Blocks is a head-turner!  The dry carbon fiber stickers have a nice feel and look absolutely amazing!  The rotations of this puzzle are very smooth and durable. Included: -1 Z Carbon Fiber Mirror Blocks
$ 8.95
QiYi Coin Tetrahedron Pyraminx
The QiYi Coin Tetrahedron Pyraminx is a quick and easy to solve puzzle and was designed by our very own Kevin Uhrik! With an included solution manual, the Coin Tetrahedron can be used to teach basic twisty puzzle-solving skills. With...
$ 5.95
FangShi limCube 2x2 Frame Pyraminx
The 2x2 Frame Pyraminx is one of the most stunning looking puzzles and will fit right in to any collection! The mechanism of the fame pyraminx allows it to rotate very smoothly and can be scrambled thoroughly!
$ 18.95
Evgeniy Icosahedron (Carousel)
Evgeniy Icosahedron (Carousel) is based on the mf8 crazy megaminx mechanism. Each of the three versions has different features! Carousel: 20 sticker colors, one face has 2 sticker colors that divide the face in half  
$ 57.95
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