GAN 14 PRO 3x3 Magnetic MagLev UV Coated (Aurora Limited Edition)

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GAN 14 PRO 3x3 Magnetic MagLev UV Coated (Aurora Limited Edition) is a stunning summer limited edition! The "summer" edition is a limited release and is a must-have collector's item.

Two sets of stickers are included -- "Transparent" and "Standard". If you opt for the stickers to be applied, we will apply the "Standard" stickers.

Model comparison
  GAN 14 MagLev GAN 13 MagLev GAN 12 MagLev
Weight 70.3g 71g
GMS V6 enhanced core positioning 4.0 V5 enhanced core positioning 3.0 V3 enhanced core positioning 2.0
Magnet settings 6 6 6 (removable)
Tensioning GES V3 GES V2 GES
Auto alignment 15-40 degrees 30 degrees + 35 degrees +
Storage box Version 11
Version 10 Version 8
Exterior finish UV Coated / Frosted UV Coated / Frosted UV Coated / Frosted


UV Coating
  • High gloss exterior finish, improved grip
MagLev features
  • Magnetic repulsion technology
  • No springs required
  • Faster turning feel
Key features
  • Pro Level Anti-Pop system
  • Enhanced core positioning 4.0 auto aligning technology (40 degrees)
  • 88 factory-installed magnets
  • 12 corner/edge magnet settings
  • 6 corner magnet settings
  • Numerical GTN tensioning system (6 settings)
  • 1,296 possible configuration settings
  • Honeycomb piece design for better lubricant distribution
Accessories included
  • Two sets of stickers
    • Transparent and Standard
  • Storage bag ($3 value)
  • Storage box (version 11)
  • Adjustment tool
  • CFOP tutorial guide
...

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Ashley C.
My most beautiful cube!

This cube is breathtakingly beautiful! It's really neat seeing inside it, and the colors, especially with the transparent stickers are gorgeous. The cube itself is also dreamlike! I made a very big jump in quality getting this 3x3, so the difference to me was astounding. I have other wonderful GAN cubes of different sizes, but had not yet upgraded my 3x3 from my original Rubrik's brand... >.< I now wish I had done so ages ago, haha! I literally gasped when I pulled it out and felt how it turned in my hands. I call it my jelly cube, because the colors and transparency make me think of jello and it's so smooth and buttery in turning. The box it came in was also delightful and it was such a fun unboxing experience. GAN does such a great job on all the finishing points on their products and presentation. The extra case it came with now houses all of my various tools and extra magnets/accessories, which is very handy. The case specifically for the 3x3 is also really pretty and holds some of the tools in the bottom, which is very thoughtfully designed! I will say I was intimidated by having to apply the stickers myself, since I wanted the transparent ones, but I'm glad I didn't let that stop me. It was a little nerve wracking having my first sticker-applying experience on such an expensive cube with unique stickers, but I took my time with it, keeping it clean and bracing it well as I applied each sticker, and they came out great. Phew! It's worth noting that these stickers have to be applied one by one, you can't do a whole side at once. I found the speedcubeshop sticker applying tutorial video very helpful, even though these have to be done one at a time. I was also hesitant about getting another cube with stickers, as opposed to stickerless, because another cube I have with stickers drives me crazy with how they feel under my fingertips. Not so with this cube, however. I don't even notice them, they're so smooth and thin! On a more personal note, which may or may not resonate with anyone reading this review, I have issues with my joints and a lot of pain in my hands. This has, obviously, mostly relegated me to very casual cubing because the more proper techniques were too painful for me on my previous 3x3. However, this cube has changed that for me entirely! It turns so smoothly and gently, it never catches on anything, the corner cutting is insane...I'm now able to do the movements properly, and with very minimal pain from my health issues. My speed drastically improved and I haven't been able to put the cube down! I actually finally ordered a proper timer too, because with this cube I actually feel capable of improving in speed now, which makes me very happy ^_^ There are only two cons/downsides with this cube, neither of which prevent me from still giving it a full 5 stars. The first con is that while beautiful, the transparent stickers are a lot harder to quickly tell apart, especially in anything but bright light. The orange and red/pink can be very similar, as well as the white and red/pink, as well as the blue and get the idea, but that's not really surprising. There's the option of the brighter stickers too, if that's an issue for you, but I'm happier with the beautiful cube I need to turn my light on for, haha. The second con is that, again, this cube is beautiful. It's so beautiful and colorful it looks delicious. Like candy. But it's not. it's not edible, alas...

This Cube is awesome!

The cube is basically a GAN 14 PRO. Which is already an amazing cube. It can take limited edition cubes to a whole new level. GAN is the best when making limited edition rubiks cubes!

Trey K.
Great Cube!

love this cube. i only buy a couple cubes each year now, usually the limited ones. this has 'transparent' sticker set which is cool, as it lets you see the innards as you solve. but i have a little trouble differentiating a few of the colors so i will eventually put on the 'standard' sticker set that was included. but it is a nice change for now :)
cube turns very well, doesnt have the 'pop' that my original maglev 14 suffers from. cool cube, i am def a GAN fanboy. thanks!

Joshua A.

This cube is so coll. I love the transparent stickers. Turns great!

Great cube

Great cube and very cool colors

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