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The QiYi Valk 3 Elite Magnetic 3x3 is finally here! After being teased over a year ago, all of the fine-tuning is complete and the result was worth the wait.

New features

The Valk 3 Elite comes with three different magnet strength options that are changed by swapping the center caps. How simple! Three different spring options are included for you to find the perfect feel.

Green = weak setting

White = moderate setting

Red = strong setting

For the first time ever, the Valk 3 Elite utilizes four magnets within each edge piece (2 is standard) which allows for a unique magnetic feel when changing the magnetic center caps. If you use the white or red magnetic center caps, you will have a total of 96 magnets for a "twin positioning system" exclusive to QiYi.

Why we love it

- Very customizable

- Easy to use

- Buttery smooth turning

- Strong design

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