QiYi MS Magnetic Collection

Estimated to ship May 31 to Jun 09
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The new QiYi MS Magnetic speedcubes are an absolute hit! Don't be fooled by the low prices, these speedcubes took us by surprise and can very easily be used as main speedcubes. If you are looking for the most cost-effective way to pick up a set of speedcubes, look no further than the QiYi MS Magnetic Collection!


Customer Reviews

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Nice introduction to magnetic cubes…

Breakdown: 2x2 turns fast and I can flick one side and make almost 3/4 to 1 full turn of the cube. I have a cheap 2x2 and this one blows it out of the water.

3x3 turns extremely fast and I can flick one side and it does 1 full rotation of the layer. Love the feel. Granted I like old school cubes, but I see why the hype over magnetic cubes.

4x4 turns decently fast. I can only flick the one layer and it only does a 1/2 rotation of the cube. Still feels good when compared to non-magnetic cubes.

5x5 turns like the 4x4. I think both need to be lucked.

Now the Pyraminx. This one feels weird when it turns. It’s better than my non-magnetic versions tho.

Overall I am extremely happy with this set.

John C.
Fantastic cubes!

I picked this set up recently because all of my current cubes were several years old and weren't magnetic. I figured for the price, this was a great way to upgrade most of the cubes in my collection. I must say I was extremely surprised at just how good these puzzles are! The 3x3 was a bit fast and loose for my ability, but some easy tension adjusting to care of that pronto. The others are nearly perfect out of the box. They're quiet, smooth, the magnetic feel is very nice, and I have to say, it's awesome to be able to do finger tricks on the bigger cubes with a LOT less lockups than my older cubes! My older cubes were top of the line MoYu cubes back in the day too! So, yeah, this is a bargain and a half, and IMHO you're getting tons of bang for your buck with these.

John C.
Awesome package!

So I'm no Max Park... in fact I kinda suck, but I've been cubing since the very early 80's when the thing was invented. I wanted to try out some magnetic cubes, without spending a fortune, so I decided to try these. For the price, why not? I could give them away if they suck... no big deal right? Well... let me say they kinda blew me away! They're VERY good! Smooth turning, the magnets are awesome! I had to tighten down the 3x3, because it was a bit fast for my big oafish hands... I kinda turn strongly, but once I found the spot it feels awesome! The rest of them pretty much didn't need any adjustment, and... they came LUBED from the factory! I mean... seriously, how are they making money on these? Are they top tier puzzles that are going to win WCA records? Probably not... but they are good puzzles for novice or beginner cubers for sure. Super happy with them!

Lovely set of cubes

Feels like a great set of cubes for my introduction to solving a different set of cubes aside from just the standard 3x3.

Very fast

Very goood

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Estimated to ship May 31 to Jun 09
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