MoYu WeiLong GTS2 M 3x3 Magnetic (WCA Record Edition)

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MoYu WeiLong GTS2 M 3x3 Magnetic (WCA Record Edition) is a re-release of the legendary WeiLong GTS2 M featuring a new half-bright color scheme and packaging. The WCA Record Edition was created to commemorate Yusheng Du's 3.47 second 3x3 World Record single which we think is pretty cool! When it comes to performance, the GTS2 M is still competitive with newer releases. If you enjoy fast turning, a slight scratchy feel and moderate strength magnets -- this is for you!

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Customer Reviews

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Joshua G.
Amazing Cube

This cube is amazing and has lasted me awhile. It is very light compared to my other cubes and the magnets are weaker which makes them less noticeable. It is really easy to adjust if you want it faster or slower. The cube itself is really fast and I would totally recommend. I’ve had this cube for awhile now and it’s still my main.

Sever V.
Main worthy even after 4 years

Got this one after my 2017 GTS2M died, and is still as good as back in the day. Updated color scheme looks great!


The cube was great out of the box and only took 2 solves to break in. The Cube is really smooth, fast and stable, and the magnets are a moderate strength and the stickers are really high quality and there's zero spring noise but the only issue ive found that like every 100 solves it'll corner twist, but its not much of an issue

Zack L.

Very fast, can be very unstable so requires a light touch. The magnets are weak for the speed, but again, noticible with a light grip. Smooth, it feels "squishy" compared to the "chunky" MGC. Quiet sound, but snaps loud when corner cutting or slightly misaligned. Corner cutting is so-so, my cube needs very loose tensioning to have a noticeable ~45° cut, but cube is too unstable at that tension. In real solves at a tighter tension however corber cutting is very good and any lock ups are mainly do to some face slipping out of alignment because, and mentioned, its very smooth and squishy. Probably wouldbt recomend for a tight grip or froceful turbing style. It works best for me when im barely touching it.

Nickolas S.
It’s amazing

I started with a rubik’s brand and I averaged like 1 minute and I then bought the GTS2M and now I averaged like 20 seconds it’s a huge upgrade it’s silky fast and the magnets help a lot if your looking to purchase this cube go ahead and purchase it bang for the buck

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