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Supernova Little Magic 2x2

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$ 11.95
Plastic Color :
Stickerless (Bright)
Magnets: Non-Magnetic
PVC Coating: No
Warranty: No
Add-Ons: None
Plastic Color

Tired of dealing with the hassle of setting up your own cube? Would you rather relax knowing that your cube was set up by a professional? If "yes", you have come to the right place! Each Supernova cube comes set-up (lubrication of pieces + basic tensioning) which enhances the speed, corner-cutting, and lifespan of your cube! Looking to stand out? Choose from our massive selection (70+ colors) of vibrant stickers and find your perfect arrangement (Stickerless plastic models excluded)!

Key benefits:

- Noticeable performance gains, allowing for faster turning

- Reduced friction (increases the lifespan of your cube)

- Neutral tensions (the perfect balance for most speedcubers)

- Custom stickers for improved lookahead and durability

Magnetic version


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Supernova Little Magic 2x2
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