UniCube GAN 356 RS Magnetic 3x3

Estimated to ship Dec 7
$ 31.95
Plastic Color :
Stickerless (Bright)
Magnets: Magnetized By Us
PVC Coating: No
Core Lube + Tensioning: None
Piece Lube: None
Warranty: No
Add-Ons: None
Plastic Color

The GAN 356 RS 3x3 is designed to be a modern version of the once-popular 356 S. The 356 RS includes a lot of new improvements to the core through the GES and IPG systems. Additionally, a new honeycomb design is implemented to ensure that the lubricant is evenly distributed on the pieces for the smoothest feel. The RS comes with yellow GES pre-installed.


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UniCube GAN 356 RS Magnetic 3x3
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