Due to the impact of COVID-19, delivery times cannot be guaranteed by mail carriers. We have NOT recognized a large impact at this time.

How long will it take for you to ship my order?

If you order before our cutoff, your order will be processed and shipped the same day that your order is placed!

Keep in mind that if your order contains custom cubes, custom-cut stickers, set-up services, clothing, or a pre-order it is exempt from same day processing as your order will need additional time to be prepared. You may refer to the product description for the current production time or expected ship date. Custom cut stickers are usually able to be made and shipped same day, but if they are ordered near our cutoff, they may be prepared and shipped the following business day.

Same day cutoff times

Monday - Friday: 3pm PST

Saturday: 11am PST

Sunday: Closed

Do you offer Free shipping?

Yes! We offer free shipping worldwide! If your order qualifies for free shipping, it will be available as a shipping service during checkout.

Free shipping details

USA: Free 2-5 day delivery: Order subtotal must be at least $55 USD to qualify.

USA: Free 2-day delivery: Order subtotal must be at least $79 USD to qualify.

Canada: Free Express 1-3 day delivery: Order subtotal must be at least $99 USD to qualify.

Rest of World: Free Express 2-5 day delivery: Order subtotal must be at least $199 USD to qualify.

What shipping services do you offer?

All shipping times listed below are estimates provided by the mail carrier and are not guaranteed unless you are using an Express shipping service marked with a *

Please note that any shipping services marked with a ** have limited to no tracking.

Business days for mail carrier delivery are Monday-Friday.


USA: First Class Package Service - Retail (1-5 business days)

Canada: First Class Mail (4-7 business days) **

International: First Class Mail (14-28 business days average) ** for more information regarding delivery times and tracking, click here


USA: 2 day Express (2 business days) *

USA: Ground (1-5 business days) *

USA: Standard overnight (1 business day, must be ordered by 12pm PST to qualify. Delivery by 3pm the next business day) *

International: Ground (3-7 business days for Canada and Puerto Rico) *

International: Economy (3-5 business days) *

International: Priority (1-3 business days) *


USA: Ground (1-5 business days)*

International: Economy (7-12 business days)**

International customs clearance process

After your shipment leaves the USA, it will be given to your country's customs to be cleared before the package is accepted into your country for delivery.

Customs clearance times may vary depending on the volume of packages they are currently inspecting.

How the process works

  1. Mail carrier gives your package to the Border Services Agency (BSA) for customs inspection.

  2. The package is inspected by the BSA.

  3. Package contents are verified and any package contents that are not prohibited for delivery and are not subject to duties and taxes (puzzles of all kinds; parts and accessories thereof are exempt from duty fees) are released for delivery.

  4. If the package is held for duties or taxes, the recipient of the package will need to pay the fees to have the package released from customs. Customs duties and/or taxes are not the responsibility of the shipper.

  5. If the package requires further inspection or duty/tax assessment, it will be held for further review.

  6. Once the package is cleared and released from customs, it is handed to your country's local mail carrier for delivery to your shipping address. If the package was shipped with a fully trackable service, the tracking will reflect customs clearance.

How can I speed up the customs clearance process?

Once the package is in possession of the BSA, neither the shipper nor the mail carrier can intervene or inquire about the status of the clearance process or request to have the process expedited.

What can you do while your package is in customs?

  1. Track your package regularly if it was shipped with a fully trackable service.

    1. Sign up for delivery updates via the tracking page.

What are duties and taxes?

Customs duties and taxes are charges placed on certain products being imported into your country. It is recommended to check your country's customs import policy to see if the contents of your package are exempt or liable for duties and/or taxes upon being imported.

Who is responsible for paying duties and taxes?

The importer (person or business) or recipient of the package is legally responsible for paying for any duties and/or taxes placed on their package.

If you would like to dispute any duties and/or tax charges, you may contact your local customs department to file an appeal.

Why wasn't I notified that I would be charged duties and/or taxes before placing my order?

While we do advertise that our shipping services do not include any possible duties and/or tax charges, these fees are charged on a case by case basis and do not affect all packages.

Whenever possible, you will be contacted ahead of time by the mail carrier or a customs agent with an estimated duty and/or tax charge cost prior to your package being assessed by customs.

Please note that this is not a guaranteed courtesy by the mail carrier as they are often not aware of any applicable customs duty and/or tax charges until the package has been released from customs.

Lost packages

Uninsured packages that go missing during the delivery process are not eligible for a refund from SpeedCubeShop. Select mail services such as FedEx are automatically insured to protect against lost or damaged packages. If a package is deemed lost by the mail carrier and was not insured, the package may be eligible for a free replacement at our discretion.