Sponsorships + YouTube Testers

Are you looking to become a sponsored cuber or YouTube tester for SpeedCubeShop?  Please review our guidelines below:

YouTube Testers

Here at SpeedCubeShop, we are always helping cubers continue to grow their YouTube channels with our YouTube Testing Program.  YouTube Testing is a partnership between YouTuber's and SpeedCubeShop and is a great opportunity to get products at custom rates to use in your videos!  Before submitting a request to become a YouTube Tester, please be sure that you meet our view requirements.  We are currently looking for YouTuber's that have at least 500 views on each of their cubing related videos (not total channel views).  To submit a YouTube Tester request, please contact us with the following information:

- Link to you YouTube channel

- What value will you provide to SpeedCubeShop through your YouTube videos?


SpeedCubeShop is always excited to provide sponsorships to help the community and further our relationship with cubers around the world!  Sponsorship requirements are not set in stone but we are generally looking for cubers that compete in WCA sanctioned events and place podium or are finishing in the top 5 for their respective event.  Please contact us and provide links to the following if you would like to inquire about a sponsorship:

- Link to your WCA profile

- Link to your YouTube channel or any other social media that is cubing related

- Why you feel you would be a good candidate for SpeedCubeShop sponsorships