Team SCS Application

Join the SpeedCubeShop team and become a sponsored cuber!  What is Team SCS all about?  Team SCS is a group of cubers world-wide that are hand picked by SpeedCubeShop owner, Cameron Brown.  Team SCS isn't about how fast you are, it is about your contribution to the community and to show your support for SpeedCubeShop while having fun and enjoying the sport of speedcubing.  Sponsored cubers are able to get discounts of up to 100% off of all of their cubing supplies and a free uniform!  If you are looking to move up a rank, members are encouraged to re-submit an application during tryouts.  Team applications are made public periodically so be sure to submit an application when tryouts begin!  Already sponsored?  Submit an application anyway and see if we can beat your current sponsorship!

Requirements - Read Before Submitting

Due to the highly competitive tryouts this season, there are a few requirements that must be met by each applicant before sending in an application.  An applicant must meet at least one of these requirements before submitting an application to be reviewed by SCS.  The participant must officially average 15 seconds or less or average at least 250 views for majority of their YouTube videos.  

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