CamCuber ZhanChi SE 55mm 3x3x3

Product Description

This is the CamCuber ZhanChi 55mm Special Edition 3x3x3. This ZhanChi is a limited production cube that comes professionally lubricated, tensioned, and stickered by CamCuber along with excess plastic being shaved by hand. The lubrication technique that is used on this item is what sets it apart from other DaYan ZhanChi's. Using the CamCuber ZhanChi Lubricant, important areas of the cube are lubricated thoroughly resulting in a long lasting speedcube. The original CamCuber ZhanChi 3x3x3 has not been re lubricated or tensioned in over one year and is still performing as well if not better than it did when it was first made. If you feel that your cube has lost it's original feel within one year, you can send it back to have it evaluated and re lubricated free of charge if necessary.Once broken in, many customers agree that this cube peforms better than modified DaYan cubes and usually cuts corners over 45 degrees.This item may be hard to rotate out of the box but will loosen up after a few solves - this process may need to be repeated for a few days before full breakin has occurred. The Special Edition comes with Cameron's Sticker Set (High quality vinyl stickers that generally last the life of the cube and have beautiful shades) pre applied along with a CamCuber ZhanChi center logo.  All CamCuber ZhanChi 3x3x3 cubes come with the box autographed by the creator, Cameron Brown, and is numbered. 


-1 CamCuber ZhanChi SE 55mm 3x3x3

$ 49.95

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