Peak Cube S3R 3x3 Magnetic

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Martian Lubricant

Peak Cube S3R 3x3 Magnetic is the first release from Peak Cube!

Key features
  • Independent spring and tension adjustment
  • Interchangeable contact parts to change the turning feel
  • Buttery smooth turning feel
  • 3 tension adjustments
  • 2 spring adjustments
  • 2 contact surface options
Accessories included
  • Storage bag ($2.95 value)
  • Tension pieces
  • Harder springs
  • Additional contact surface parts
  • Cleaning cloth

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
One of the best

Cubes ist REALLY good.It looks nice magnets have the perfect strength for me, customization ist so hard as it seams. It's really fast but controllable. I put comet lube on mine, gave it an additional boost.
I love this cube!
Thanks SpeedCubeShop!

Fast but Fragile

This cube feels really fast. The magnets are perfect in strength but don't appear to be adjustable for those who may prefer a different feel while solving. The only reason I can't give this a five star review is due to the fragile nature of the cube. My daughter bumped this cube off the kitchen table and onto a hard floor. The cube shattered, quite literally, into a 100 pieces. The impact bent the plastic of one of the corner pieces just enough that the slide plate pieces would not slot back into place. A very good cube at a performance price point but very easily destroyed.

Amazing Concept!

This cube has potential in their idea of customizing internals, I really love the concept!
In my opinion, the feel to the cube is very smooth and fast, the magnets are perfect in strength, and love the internals to it, also the fact this cube has this soft texture to it when holding it. The tensioning system is pretty straight forward, though some of the pieces are easy to lose if not careful.

Overall, this cube is very good in performance and design! I would recommend it to others for those who want a customizable, unique speed cube!

my favorite cube

I'm in love with this cube it has been my main for 2 weeks and it is so fast, and I haven't even put lube in it. my average without it is 1 min but with this cube it is 40 seconds.

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