Pre-Owned GAN 11 M Duo 3x3

Pre-Owned GAN 11 M Duo 3x3


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The GAN 11 M Duo 3x3 is perfect for anyone who didn't want to spend the money to get the immensely popular GAN 11 M Pro.

The Duo is identical to the Pro in every way except that the Duo does not have adjustable magnets. While this may be a deal-breaker for some, it may be a great way to cut costs and unlock some amazing performance for less!

Core Adjustment

The same dual-adjustment core that originated in the XS is found in the 11 M Pro and allows for 24 different adjustment variations through 4 elasticity nut options and 6 spring compression choices.


A completely re-designed and easier to open to box houses the GAN 11 M Duo. Accompanied with dark blue elasticity nuts for the core adjustment, a cube bag, and guides/pamphlets.




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