Pre-Owned GAN 356 Magnetic (Niu Edition)

Pre-Owned GAN 356 Magnetic (Niu Edition)


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GAN is celebrating the Chinese New Year with a limited edition release of the popular 356 Magnetic! 

This version features red internals and custom stickers that you are able to apply that feature symbols and text for the New Year celebration. The box is also covered with a nice Chinese New Year branded sleeve.

As usual with all GAN limited releases, we have a very small amount and will not be restocking this item once it is gone. Get yours while you can!

The GAN Magnetic 3x3 (356M) is the perfect middle-ground between the top 3x3 models! While the magnet strength is not adjustable you will still find plenty of adjustment options through the dual-adjustment Numerical IPG core and alternate GES spring options. 

What is a Numerical IPG core?

GAN's proprietary Numerical IPG core allows you to easily and evenly adjust to spring compression of each face. The pre-determined tension settings make it easy to ensure each face of your cube is set to the same tension. No more having to spend hours of trial and error to achieve an even tension!

Factory magnetized  |  Size: 56mm  |  Weight: 2.6oz  |  Released: 3/5/2020  |  Accessories: Numerical GES springs (yellow, green, purple)

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