Pre-Owned GAN 356 X Magnetic 3x3 (IPG V5)

Pre-Owned GAN 356 X Magnetic 3x3 (IPG V5)


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The GAN 356 X Magnetic 3x3 has been a long time coming and is arguably GAN Cube's most innovative design to date. Want to add stronger or weaker magnets? No problem -- Quickly and easily insert the new magnets (see picture). This new interchangeable magnet system allows for all of the magnets to be changed in less than 30 seconds without the use of pesky glue! The IPG V5 version includes 4 different GES springs that are different strengths and are easily interchangeable for more customization. If that wasn't amazing enough, the performance of the 356 X is a heavy hitter due to its buttery smooth turning, stability and insane corner cutting ability.

Numerical IPG Version Available starting at $49.95

Custom stickers | Size: 56mm | Weight 2.8oz | Released: 10/15/18 | Accessories: GAN Magnetic Capsules (GMS), GES V3 springs, GAN cube bag, identification card

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