Spooky Cube Bundle (10% savings)

Spooky Cube Bundle (10% savings)


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Spooky Cube Stickers
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Our Spooky Bundle is a must-have if you are getting a Spooky Cube and don't already have our famous Pumpkin Spice Scented Lube, Jack O' Lantern!

Spooky Cube

  • Glows in the dark
  • Translucent orange plastic
  • Jack O' Lantern face on the black side
  • Halloween themed colors

Jack O' Lantern Lube

  • Pumpkin spice scented
  • Works great with Spooky Cube
  • Fast, controllable feel
  • Great in all puzzles

Bundle comparison


    Bag Bundle Display Bundle Accessory Bundle  Perfect Bundle Spooky Cube Bundle
    Spooky Cube X X
    Jack O' Lantern Lube 5ml X X X
    Undead Mini Mat
    X X X
    Set of 4 Bags
    X X X X
    Set of 2 Stands X X X

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