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AWAY For Nationals!  We will be away competing at the 2014 US Nationals Rubik's Cube Competition in New Jersey through July 29-August 4.  Order processing will resume immediatly upon our return, thank you for your understanding!

US Nationals 2014 25% OFF Sale!  Apply coupon code nats2014 at the "view cart" page.

SpeedCubeShop is the original California, USA-based store for speedcubing enthusiasts that is proud to present our customers with an easy and enjoyable buying experience. You are guaranteed friendly and knowledgeable customer service, competitive prices, specials and preferred buyer perks, as well as the newest puzzles on the market. But what truly sets SpeedCubeShop apart from other puzzle shops? SpeedCubeShop is owned and ran by active WCA member Cameron Brown - a cuber since 2005. During his cubing career, Cameron has gained extensive first-hand knowledge on everything cubing: from puzzle types and brand features to assembly and lubrication. At SpeedCubeShop we don't just sell puzzles - we use many of these products ourselves. SpeedCubeShop has and always will ensure we satisfy each and every customer with a quality, dependable and highly personal shopping experience. We thank you very much for visiting our store and encourage you to join our Facebook, Twitter, and mailing list to receive updates on specials, new arrivals, and upcoming events. Domestic and International orders welcome.


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