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Classic Logo Sticker (4 Pack)
Support your favorite cubing store by rocking our classic logo sticker on your puzzles! These logos are made of a thin, yet durable clear vinyl that will chip rather than peeling.  Logos are cut in the shape of a circle...
$ 0.49
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Cosmic Sticker Shades Guide
Looking to enhance your puzzle with some new Cosmic stickers but not sure what shades to get? Our Cosmic Sticker Shades Guide is here to fix that! Available as a free digital download or a physical copy, you can now view all...
$ 5.95
Distorted Logo Sticker (4 Pack)
Add some style to your puzzles with our new Distorted logo stickers! These logos are made of a clear, double-layered vinyl that is nearly impossible to chip with normal use. Despite being durable, these logos are still thin and cut...
$ 0.95
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