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Cosmic Lube Sampler
Having a hard time deciding? Well why not try all of them and save 25% off? Our Cosmic lubes have been taking the cubing community by a storm and are receiving amazing reviews! Each lubricant is engineered to give your...
$ 19.80 starting at $ 14.99
Lightspeed Lube Bundle
If you are looking to go fast, the Lightspeed Lube Bundle is perfect for you! Both Stardust and Lunar complement each other beautifully and make up for what the other lacks. Stardust's light-weight speed paired with Lunar's soft silicone formulation...
$ 11.90 starting at $ 8.99
Balance Lube Bundle
Comet and Cosmos are perfect compliments to each other and will restore balance to your speed cube. Both lubricants are identical in terms of controllability, heaviness, and gumminess except Comet is fast and Cosmos is controllable. Mix and match until...
$ 11.90 starting at $ 8.99
Ultimate Lube Bundle
Mix and match our premium speed lube lubricants to create a completely custom turning feel! Our easy to apply lubricants each offer its own unique properties so whether you are looking to experiment or simply get a great deal, our...
$ 41.65 starting at $ 30.99
Fanxin Fruit Set Bundle V1
Get your daily fruit serving with the Fanxin Fruit Set Bundle V1! This set is full of colorful, "delicious" shape-mods! The apple and lemon are a 3x3 shape-mod while the banana is a 2x2x3 shape-mod -- all of which are...
$ 17.95 $ 15.26
GAN Mosaic Cube Bundle (Mini Cubes)
GAN Mosaic Cube Bundle (Mini Cubes) makes it easy to turn your favorite pictures into a beautiful cube mosaic to put on display! Design your own mosaic FREE (click here)  Key features Included display case can tilt at various angles for...
$ 59.95 starting at $ 50.96
JPerm RS3 M 2020 Bundle
Complete the JPerm creator collection with a JPerm RS3 M 2020 Speed Cube and JPerm Mini Mat! We contribute $7 to the JPerm channel for every bundle sold. JPerm RS3 M 2020 3x3 Magnetic A replica of JPerm's main speed...
$ 32.90 $ 27.97
QiYi 2-5 Bundle Set
The QiYi 2-5 Bundle set is everything that you need to start off your collection or to give it a refresh! These speedcubes are all nice quality and would be best for a beginner or intermediate solver. This set also...
$ 24.95 $ 21.21
MoFang JiaoShi MeiLong 2x2 + 3x3 Bundle
The MoFang JiaoShi MeiLong 2x2 + 3x3 Bundle is a great way to pick up two awesome entry-level speed cubes and save! The MeiLong series is known for smooth turning and vibrant color shades and is great for beginners.
$ 6.95 $ 5.91
QiYi Luxurious Set
If you or a loved one are getting into twisty puzzles and speedcubing the QiYi Luxurious Set is a great starting point. Not even including the fact that this bundle is an amazing value -- the performance of each of...
$ 49.95 $ 42.46
YJ Mini Magnetic Bundle (345)
Save with the YJ Mini Magnetic Bundle (345)! This bundle includes YJ's newly released mini magnetic 3x3, 4x4, and 5x5! All of these speed cubes feature top-tier performance and factory-installed magnets despite the smaller size! These are great for on...
$ 34.85 $ 31.95
Fanxin Dinosaur Twisty Puzzles Bundle
You'll love these terrifyingly cute Fanxin Dinosaur twisty puzzles! Each Dinosaur is a 2x2x3 shape mod which is great for those looking to get into shape mods or enjoy a relatively easy solve. Rather than solving with stickers, you will...
$ 20.97 starting at $ 17.82
Z-Cube Mini Keychain Bundle
The Z-Cube Mini Keychain Bundle is a great way to save and have some fun! Including 6 different puzzles, this bundle is a perfect choice for any puzzle enthusiast and also includes keychains for and on-the-go challenge! At this price...
$ 14.95 $ 12.71
MoFang JiaoShi MeiLong Gift Box
Share the gift of speedcubing with the MoFang JiaoShi MeiLong Gift Box! This bundle is perfect for any beginning/intermediate solver and is a very cost-effective option!
$ 24.95 $ 21.21
MoFang JiaoShi MeiLong Puzzle Box
Expand your cubing knowledge with some twisty puzzles! The MoFang JiaoShi MeiLong Puzzle Box is a great assortment of popular WCA twisty puzzles for any beginning/intermediate solver at an awesome price.
$ 24.95 $ 21.21
QiYi MS Speed Cube Box Set
The QiYi MS Speed Cube Box Set is everything you need to get started with speedcubing! The MS series are all factory magnetized and come at a very low price point making these the perfect choice for any cuber.
$ 36.95 $ 31.41
JPerm Speed Cuber Bundle
JPerm Speed Cuber Bundle is the end-all, be-all for any JPerm fan! Take your pick of any JPerm Speed Cube -- built to JPerm's exact specifications to replicate his favorite speed cube and get a mini mat and storage bag...
$ 36.43 starting at $ 30.97
Fanxin Fruit Set Bundle V2
Get your daily fruit serving with the Fanxin Fruit Set Bundle V2! This set is full of colorful, "delicious" shape-mods! The peach, orange, and pear are all 3x3 shape-mods which are solved by shape rather than color! These are awesome for...
$ 26.95 $ 22.91
Z Carbon Fiber Puzzle Box
The Z Carbon Fiber Puzzle Box is the perfect gift for any cuber or friend! All of the puzzles in this box move very smoothly and are great for beginning or intermediate solvers! Put these puzzles on display or put them...
$ 34.95 $ 29.71
Carbon Fiber Mega Set
Our Carbon Fiber Mega Set truly is the ultimate set!  Add some flare and style to your collection while saving!  It doesn't get much better than that!  All of these puzzles move very smoothly and have durable carbon fiber stickers...
$ 55.95 $ 47.56
QiYi Puzzle Box V1
The QiYi Puzzle Box set is everything that you need to start off your collection or to give it a refresh! Being a total value of $30, this bundle set gets you savings of almost 20%! These puzzles are all nice quality and...
$ 24.95 $ 21.21
JPerm Speed Cube Collection 2022
JPerm Speed Cube Collection is a dream come true for any JPerm fan! These cubes are built to JPerm's exact specifications to replicate his favorite speed cubes. Grab the collection and support the JPerm YouTube Channel at the same time! We contribute...
$ 226.44 starting at $ 209.95
YJ Mini 3x3 Bundle Set
Looking to take your speedcubes on the go? Consider picking up the YJ Mini 3x3 Bundle Set which includes three different sized pillowed mini 3x3's! Please note that the standard 3x3 is not included with this bundle and is only...
$ 11.95 $ 10.16
DianSheng Magnetic Set (2x2-5x5)
Experience DianSheng's new magnetic budget series! This is DianSheng's first speed cube release in years and it is very competitive with other budget options. This series features fast turning out of the box and a smooth feel which makes these...
$ 39.95 $ 34.95

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