Magnetic Conversion Guide
Looking to add magnets to your puzzle?  Pick up our Magnetic Conversion Kit and learn how using our free guide! ** Guide available for digital download as a product option down below
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Magnetic Conversion Kit
Looking to add magnets to your puzzle?  Tired of waiting weeks for them to arrive and having to order huge quantities?  If you answered yes to either of those questions --  SCS has you covered.  Get all of the necessary...
$ 7.95
RS3 M Magnet Upgrade Kit (Installs in minutes!)
While the MoFang JiaoShi RS3 M 2020 is undoubtedly on track to be one of the best selling speed cubes of all time, some speed cubers have observed that the magnet strength is a bit "light" for their preference.  Using...
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Plastic Sticker Remover Blade
Safely remove your old stickers without scratching your puzzle!  This double-sided plastic blade will easily remove old tattered stickers and is easy to use!   These are also apparently great for removing warranty stickers as shown in LinusTechTip's video!  Please be...
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Cleaning Kit
$ 4.95
Cleaning Kit
Keep your speed cubes clean with our cleaning kit! This simple to use solution cleans and revitalizes the plastic of your cube by gently capturing dirt and debris. While a small amount of the solution will not affect silicone-based lubricants, if you choose to disassemble...
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Felt Squeegee - Blue
$ 3.95
Felt Squeegee - Blue
Tired of getting air bubbles when applying your stickers?  Worry no more!  By using this felt squeegee, you will be able to push out all air bubbles leaving you with a perfect sticker application -- every time.  
$ 3.95
YJ YuHu V2 Megaminx (Magnetized Parts) - Black
Quickly and easily swap out any color of your YJ YuHu V2 Magnetic Megaminx to black with the YJ YuHu V2 Megaminx (Magnetized Parts) kit! These parts come factory magnetized and are able to be easily installed in just a few minutes....
$ 1.95
Revitalize Solution Refill for PVC Coating
Keeping your PVC Coating maintained is essential for it to continue to perform optimally! Refill bottle size contains 15ml of cleaning solution and is a direct replacement of the solution that comes with your cleaning kit. How to use: Cleaning...
$ 2.95
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