Martian is our best-selling lubricant and anyone who has tried it understands why. The fast, moderately controllable, soft feel ticks all the boxes for most speed cubers and is just simply great. Recommended for: All puzzles (especially big cubes) Frequently...
from $ 5.95
Lunar is our fastest silicone-based lubricant and is perfect for light, fast, and lasting turning feel. The "soft" feel that Lunar provides sets it apart from comparable water-based lubricants and makes it a fan favorite. Recommended for: All puzzles (especially...
from $ 5.95
Galaxy is great for achieving a quick, controllable, and smooth turning feel. Considered as a "one size fits all" solution, Galaxy is a great middle-ground for those who aren't sure where to start or like a balanced feel. Recommended for:...
from $ 5.95
Cosmic Lube Sampler
Having a hard time deciding? Well why not try all of them and save 25% off? Our Cosmic lubes have been taking the cubing community by a storm and are receiving amazing reviews! Each lubricant is engineered to give your...
$ 19.80 from $ 14.95
If you like buttery, controllable turning, Nebula is for you. No need to worry about "gunking" up your cube when using Nebula -- just apply and enjoy! Recommended for: 2x2, 3x3, Pyraminx, Skewb, Square-1 Frequently asked questions Q: How do...
from $ 5.95
Stardust is a unique water-based lubricant that is designed to take your cube to its limits without changing its natural “feel”! Most water-based lubricants suffer from drying out quickly and leaving a "chalky" mess all over your cube's internals which...
from $ 5.95
Cosmos is changing the way speed cubers control their turning! Most controllable lubricants are very "gummy" which completely changes the turning feel of your speed cube. Cosmos is special because you are able to achieve an extremely controllable turning feel...
from $ 5.95
Cubers love Solar so much that they demanded it be available all year long! This pineapple-scented lubricant is special because it is a perfect solution for a quick/controllable right out of the box! Recommended for: 2x2 - 5x5, Megaminx, Pyraminx, Skewb, Square-1...
from $ 5.95
If you are looking for a unique, fast, and lasting burst of speed, Comet is for you. Unlike similar lubricants, Comet achieves a feel that lasts twice as long without any added "gumminess" which often can change the feel of...
from $ 5.95
Lightspeed Lube Bundle
If you are looking to go fast, the Lightspeed Lube Bundle is perfect for you! Both Stardust and Lunar complement each other beautifully and make up for what the other lacks. Stardust's light-weight speed paired with Lunar's soft silicone formulation...
$ 11.90 from $ 8.95
Vortex Lubricant
Lubricating the hardware of your speed cube is a lost art but offers great performance increases and will substantially dampen that pesky spring noise. Vortex's thick formulation makes it easy to apply, is stain-free, and will never need to be re-applied if...
$ 9.95
Candy Cane (Peppermint Scented) Lubricant
Candy Cane is back for the winter season! Our peppermint-scented formulation is a fan favorite and creates the perfect winter feel when you're solving. The fast, controllable, gummy feel is something special. Get yourself a bottle while Candy Cane is available! Recommended for: All...
from $ 5.95

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