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GAN 330 Mini 3x3 Keychain
GAN 330 Mini 3x3 Keychain is easily the best keychain speedcube available today. Imagine taking a shrink ray to a 356 XS and this is your end result (excluding the GES and magnets). The fact that the pieces even have...
$ 6.95
YJ ZhiSu Mini (56mm) 4x4 Magnetic
YJ ZhiSu Mini (56mm) 4x4 Magnetic is the industry's first mini 4x4 that actually performs well! The ZhiSu is incredibly impressive and feels just like a mini MGC 4x4. The factory-installed magnets feel great and are the same moderate strength...
$ 11.95
QiYi 2x2x3
The QiYi 2x2x3 is the first cuboid to come from QiYi! Traditionally 2x2x3's have always been very catchy, slow, and hard to use but QiYi has changed that. This new design features rounded pieces and a beefed up mechanism that...
$ 5.95
QiYi Mirror Blocks
The QiYi Mirror Blocks is based off of one of the most popular 3x3 shape-mods to date. QiYi's take on this puzzle resulted in ridiculously smooth layer rotations and stunning stickers. We also were excited to see two new plastic...
$ 5.95
QiYi QiMeng Plus Big 3x3 9cm (Non-Magnetic)
QiYi QiMeng Plus Big 3x3 9cm (Non-Magnetic) is a larger-sized 3x3 that functions very well as a speed cube despite the increase in size! To our surprise, the QiMeng Plus corner cuts and turns very well and is able to...
$ 6.95
ShengShou Mirror Blocks (3x3)
This puzzle is based on the traditional 3x3x3 puzzle but has different sized pieces to add a challenge. The rotates of this puzzle is smooth and swift.  
$ 8.95
Mini 1cm 3x3 - World's Smallest Cube!
CubeLab has done something amazing and created the world's smallest 3x3 available for retail sale! This cube comes in at only 1cm and is fully functional! Pick up a 1cm cube and have fun comparing it to everyday objects and...
$ 7.95
QiYi 1x3x3 (Spinner)
Introducing QiYi 1x3x3 Spinner! This awesome stress-relief twisty puzzle has dual functionality as a fully functional 1x3x3 Floppy cube and a fidget spinner! The ball-bearing spins super fast and is very quiet making this the most enjoyable fidget spinner that...
$ 12.95
MoYu Puppet Cube (I)
The MoYu Puppet Cube I may look simple but don't be fooled! As you twist and turn this puzzle you will find the true challenge through added centerpieces! Puppet Cube II also available (click here) Size: 56mm  |  Weight: 75g ...
$ 5.95
QiYi 3x3 Gear Cube Tiled
The QiYi 3x3 Gear Cube is an eye-catching puzzle to say the least! Equipped with plastic tiles and a sturdy mechanism, this puzzle is fun and challenging to solve! 57mm mini size now available (click here) Size: 60mm
$ 6.95
Glow in the Dark 3x3
This item does not include stickers. If you would like to shop for a set of compatible stickers, click here.  NOTE: This item does not come with a box or plastic wrapping. From our experience, some light surface scratches are...
$ 4.95
MoYu Puppet Cube (II)
The MoYu Puppet Cube II may look simple but don't be fooled! As you twist and turn this puzzle you will find the true challenge through added pieces! Puppet Cube I also available (click here) Size: 56mm  |  Weight: 75g ...
$ 5.95
MoFang JiaoShi MeiLong Kilominx
The MoFang JiaoShi MeiLong Kilominx (also known as kibiminx) is a 2x2 megaminx that is extremely fun to solve! The MoFang JiaoShi MeiLong version of this puzzle comes equipped with ridges to improve grip.
$ 8.95
Fanxin (Banana)
Get your daily fruit serving with the Fanxin Banana! This decorative 2x2x3 shape-mod solves just like a normal 2x2x3 but is more of a challenge since you are solving by piece shape versus color. "Treat" yourself and collect the entire fruit collection! NOTE: Manufacturer...
$ 5.95
Z 2x2x1
The Z 2x2x1 is a great addition to any collection and makes a great gift! The turning and overall feel of this puzzle is shockingly good. This puzzle features cloth stickers that are vibrant and feel great.
$ 3.95
Ninja Ghost Cube 3x3
A frightening surprise awaits with the Ninja Ghost Cube 3x3. This take on the ghost cube includes smooth rotations and a durable design making this item very desirable for enthusiasts. Add custom stickers Included Accessories: Gold Sticker Set (not included...
$ 22.95
QiYi Ivy Cube (Standard)
The QiYi Ivy Cube is a fun skewb shape mod that is the result of a collaboration between QiYi and Eitan. This puzzle moves very smoothly and is extremely stable as well!
$ 6.95
Mini 2x2 Keychain Cube
Having trouble transporting your puzzles when you are on the go? Make travel simple and add a Mini 2x2 Keychain Cube to your keys or bag and make sure you are never without your cube! Despite this puzzle only being...
$ 3.95
MoYu Redi Cube
The MoYu Redi Cube is a collaboration between MoYu and famous Dutch puzzle designer, Oskar Van Deventer. This item moves smoothly and feels very solid. This is a must have for any collection!
$ 13.95
YJ ZhiLong Mini (50mm) 3x3 Magnetic
YJ ZhiLong Mini (50mm) 3x3 Magnetic is one of our favorite releases this year! This model is about 6mm smaller than an average size 3x3 making it far more compact but the cool thing is that there is no compromise...
$ 7.95
YuXin (Penguin) 2x2
The cuteness continues with the YuXin Penguin 2x2! This adorable puzzle solves just like a 2x2 but is solved based on shape, not color. This puzzle is a great novelty item for all ages!
$ 14.95
YJ Ball 3x3
The YJ Ball 3x3 is a uniquely crafted 3x3 - all of the cubies are spheres rather than cubes! This is a very cool puzzle for collection but also is tons of fun to speedsolve with!
$ 5.95
ShengShou Kilominx (Standard)
The ShengShou Kilominx (Standard) is an extremely stable puzzle with smooth layer rotations. Try one out for yourself if you are a fan of minx puzzles! Add custom stickers
$ 10.95
QiYi Dino Cube (Standard)
The QiYi Dino Cube is an updated design of the widely known "Dino cube" twisty puzzle. The Dino cube turns from corner to corner and QiYi's version features extremely smooth turning and a stable mechanism. The "Stickerless (Bright)" variant comes...
$ 5.95

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