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MoFang JiaoShi MeiLong 9x9
Have you always wanted an 9x9 but never wanted to shell out $80 for one? The MoFang JiaoShi MeiLong 9x9 is the perfect solution. The MeiLong 9x9 is a budget friendly 9x9 that moves reasonably well but isn't quite on the level of something...
$ 34.95
QiYi 9x9
QiYi 9x9 features a smooth turning, stable, mechanism that is easy to play and feels great!
$ 36.95
DianSheng Galaxy 9x9 Magnetic (Standard)
DianSheng Galaxy 9x9 Magnetic is the industry's first-factory magnetized 9x9! Key features Light strength magnets for accurate and smoother turning Wider outer layers for better grip and stability Exposed magnetic capsules Overview Lightweight, compact design Super smooth turning Black or primary internals...
$ 99.95
ShengShou Pillowed 9x9
The ShengShou Pillowed 9x9 is ShengShou's updated version! Featuring a smaller, compact pillowed design and vibrant stickerless color shades with a frosted look this is quite the upgrade! The turning is very smooth and the puzzle is overall easy to handle....
$ 49.95
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