MoFang JiaoShi Pandora Cube

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Never judge a book by its cover! The MoFang JiaoShi Pandora Cube might look like a complex puzzle on the outside but it can actually be solved EXACTLY like a 3x3 cube! The Pandora cube is really unique in the way that it turns and by the beautiful designs that can be made!
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It's super fun

I played with this for hours. It is really sharp, but a cool 3x3 shape mod

Ario P.
why does it turn so good

I expected to have to lube this puzzle right out of the box, but it turns with a fantastic smoothness! While my thumbs might be sliced to bits, this puzzle is so much fun! I have been messing with it for hours. If you like 3x3 shape mods, THIS is the puzzle for you.

Aaron D.
Neat and Fun

This is a shapemod of a regular 3x3, but now with neat geometric design. This may mess with piece recognition in solves because of the unusual shaping. Also be careful with turning because the tips of the corners can gently poke your fingers. Other than that, this does turn pretty smoothly and patterns look pretty cool on it.

Frank G.
Nice, but its just a 3x3.

Its just a 3x3. If you get it, please be aware. Thank you.

Cool Looking 3x3

This puzzle turns great and looks amazing! This looks like a shape mod, but is just a 3x3 with some of the pieces modified. This is a lot of fun to solve, and overall is just a great puzzle!

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