MsCUBE MS3X 3x3 Magnetic

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$ 31.95
Internal Plastic Color :
Damage Protection No
Lubrication Service
Exterior Coating
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Add Ons None
Lunar Lubricant

MsCUBE MS3X 3x3 Magnetic offers a more refined customization system compared to previous releases.

Key features
  • Dual-adjustment core for independent spring compression & tension
  • New corner/edge magnet positioning system
  • Attraction & MagLev "modes"
  • Spiderweb piece design
  • Smooth, dry turning feel
  • Flexible mechanism
  • 5 spring compression settings

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Decent Cube

This is a decent cube and has a lot of cool features. Although most of the features are rather pointless as other cubes come with these features by default, it is a cool idea. The Magnets in the center cap, although useless could be a cool idea if properly tuned. The magnets in the center are rather weak and you can't really feel a change when adjusting them. The cube is good with a good speed and magnet strength however the cube is very loose and the tensioning system can't fix that issue in the tightest setting. Besides those few issues the cube works well and goes for a good price. Good cube, I would recommend especially if you're looking for something new and different!

G W.N.
Good cube, but...

After opening this cube I loved it, it was great. It was soooo fast, it would of been my new main over the GAN 11 M Pro. After about 3 minutes of using it, the center caps started popping off. Not one, not two, ALL of them. I would not recommend buying this cube do to the fact that the center caps don't stay on because of the way they are manufactured. The center caps don't have any way to stay on. I put this at 2 stars because SpeedCubeShop was very co-operative and gave me the refund I asked for.
Thanks SpeedCubeShop.

very cool and good cube

one star missing bc i think its a bit over priced. but if you can get it on sale, definitely add this one to your collection! the whats-in-the-box probably makes up for the price to be fair, and i hesitate to dock a star for it, bc it really is a very good cube.

out of the box it turns great, feels great, and looks great! i love the unique shade of green (silly point i know) and the unique customizability. and it comes with replacement parts of everything except the screws and springs. really fun to rebuild and make it your own.

high quality cube! turns great and fast. maybe needs lube for controllability but could just be my lack of skill. cornercutting is very good, near 45 degree cuts in either direction!


When I first got this cube it felt amazing. It was good strait out of the box and didn’t need lubing. It has a very advanced adjustment system. O stall it feels a lot like the Xman tornado v3 combined with the Gan 356 X V2

cool cube

Out of the box this cube reminded me of the Tornado v3. Once I "engaged" the torpedoes in the edges the cube became more unique feeling. I think if it were to have a UV coating similar to GAN it could be something I main but for now it's just a fun and unique 3x3 with lots of customizability to add to my collection.

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