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YuXin Little Magic 3x3
YuXin Little Magic 3x3 has stood the test of time and is still the preferred choice of some beginners after its release in 2017. Overview Dry, loose feeling Flexible mechanism Note: The factory stickers are not up to our standards but...
$ 4.95
YuXin Little Magic V2 Megaminx
YuXin Little Magic V2 Megaminx is a nice update to the well-received V1. By tweaking the mechanism to make it slightly more rounded, the overall performance is improved. One of the trickiest parts is grip when it comes to solving...
$ 7.95
YuXin Little Magic Pyraminx
It's here! After a lot of anticipation, the YuXin Little Magic Pyraminx has arrived. The Little Magic series features introductory-level puzzles that offer amazing performance that rivals some higher-end competitors!
$ 6.95
YuXin Little Magic 6x6
The YuXin Little Magic series is known for offering great performance for a fraction of the price. The Little Magic 6x6 follows suit and is an absolute bargain! The turning of this item is smooth and gets slightly slower from...
$ 14.95
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