DaYan ZhanChi Pro 3x3 Magnetic

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DaYan ZhanChi Pro 3x3 Magnetic is the most feature-packed ZhanChi yet!

Aside from mechanism updates to improve turning and stability, the ZhanChi Pro also borrows the magnet, tension, and elasticity (distance between core and centerpiece) system from the TengYun V2 which is great to see!

Soft texture stickers

Available only with the Green plastic color, these stickers have a soft, rubberized feel that looks and feels great!


Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
jayden h.
great for its price

I bought this cube after my main broke and taking the cube test, it had all positive reviews and was on sale, and since i didn't have very much money to buy a more expensive and up to date cube, i chose this one. Out of the box it was a little too fast, but after changing the tensioning and lubing it, it preforms amazing. Overall a 10/10 cube.

Green stickered

I bought the green stickers version. I like the feel of the soft textured stickers. Very unique feel in the hands.

Ken G.
Great feel and performs well out of the box.

This was the first speed cube I purchased, it feels good, turns well and has good control.

I liked it enough to buy one for a friend.

DaYan ZhanChi Pro M Green

I got the green plastic colour with the rubbery silicone stickers, and the feel is amazing! The grip it gives is out of this world and its corner cutting is extremely good. It can corner cut almost anywhere which makes it good for speedsolves. Moderate magnets worked best for me.

One problem is that it feels too loose and feels like it is about to pop, however I haven’t experienced any pops yet.

I would definitely recommend for any speedcuber!

Really like this cube

I bought this cube just because it was on sale, and honestly I'm surprised at how much I enjoy this cube. I bought the black plastic stickered variant because I didn't have any stickered cubes yet, plus I've heard good things about the stickers on this and wanted to try it out, and I really like this cube. I didn't expect the black borders to affect my recognition the way it did, and out of the box I didn't really like the settings, but after configuring it to my liking, I've come to really appreciate it. The recognition thing still slows down my times, but it just feels so nice to use that I don't even care about the times, and the quietness of the puzzle means I can play with it a lot in class without being too distracting (Cubing helps a bit with my adhd, so I always have a cube on me while listening to lectures, but until now, I haven't had a cube that was quiet enough for me to solve at my normal speed without being too loud).

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